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Plastic additives in China are the most used in the application of plasticizer

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   China Market Research Center is the National Bureau of statistics under the original mechanism, and belongs to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the contemporary urban development and Planning Institute, approved by the National Bureau of statistics industrial statistics data and national customs import and export data processing; and retrieve the United Nations database data, carries on the reorganization analysis using proprietary mathematical model, combining actual condition of China Market Research Center survey, by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the National Bureau of Statistics experts checks will eventually research results to the public shall be disclosed to the public.
   At present, plastic additives in China are broken down by type of variety of demand mainly divided into, plasticizing agent, flame retardant, thermal stabilizer, anti impact modifier, antioxidants, lubricants, light stabilizer etc. 7. The proportion of plasticizer was 46%, followed by flame retardant and heat stabilizer, the proportion was 15.1% and 14.4% respectively.
   Economic crisis, China's plastics additives industry is still developing At present, the application of plastic additives is more extensive, such as, construction, automobile, aircraft, hospitals, chemical, packaging and other industries. With the rapid development of these industries, resulting in the demand for plastic additives is also rising. Plastic additives market demand is growing, has entered the development of high-speed channel. Although in the world economic crisis, China's plastic additives industry demand continues to rise.