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Rapid growth of environmentally friendly plasticizer in China

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   Plasticizer, also known as plasticizer. Is widely used in the industry of high polymer material additives, in the plastic processing to add this material, can make its flexibility, easy processing, can be used for industrial purposes. At present, China has become the largest plastic production, import and consumption country, but the domestic environmental protection type plasticizer products only accounted for three of the total. With the improvement of national environmental protection consciousness, medicine, food packaging, daily necessities, toys etc. the main increasing plasticizer DOP of higher purity and hygiene requirements, but the domestic enterprises in the production of main increase plasticizer in many performance especially health and toxic properties are difficult to meet the requirements of environmental protection. For a long time, the plasticizer is mainly based on the adjacent benzene products, but with the application of DOP in food, pharmaceutical industry is becoming more and more popular, people pay more and more attention to its toxicity.
   Analysts believe that China's plastics industry due to lack of scientific research investment, resulting in new product development is slow, high grade plasticizer products are still dependent on imports and high. 2010 imports of 270000 tons, while the domestic low grade, non environmentally friendly plasticizer production capacity. Industry industry is low, the market vicious competition is fierce, the overall economic benefits of the industry is not good. In recent years, with the European Union, Japan and other developed countries has been in close contact with food packaging, medical supplies, children's toys, and other human activities PVC seasonal restrictions, many of our products export is Europe and the United States to withhold, causing huge economic losses.
With the rapid growth of market demand for green environmental protection, research and investment, the development of non-toxic green plasticizer will become the key to the sustainable development of plasticizer industry.
   Plasticizer is one of the largest plastics additives in world production and consumption. In recent years, China has become the largest country in the region of the Asian region. With the improvement of environmental protection awareness in the world, the medicine and food packaging, daily necessities, toys and other plastic products to the main DOP, etc.. But at present, the production of the main plasticizer in many properties, especially health, low toxicity and so on are difficult to meet the requirements of environmental protection.