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Promote the structural adjustment of the plasticizer industry and the use of waste plastics in the category of plasticizer

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   The plasticizer is indispensable in providing high quality plastic products for human beings. But the structure of the varieties in continue to adjust the changes, the development speed of the new technology in accelerating, an endless stream of new varieties, more advanced detection means, assessment method is more reasonable, plasticizer is in such a "development application - toxicological test - risk assessment - redevelopment" cycle of progress. Therefore, the proper use of plasticizer is the key to the healthy development of the industry. And to do this, the plasticizer business should be in the structure adjustment efforts. Foreign countries are vigorously promoting known as non-toxic or environmentally friendly and biodegradable plasticizer. The so-called non toxic and environmental protection is relatively concerned. Such as DIHCN (cyclohexane dicarboxylic acid ISO nonyl ester), Taiwan Changchun chemical D-810 increasing agent, EBN and bet (isooctanoic acid and benzoic acid polyol mixed ester) plastic plasticizer, has acid and polyol condensation polyester plasticizer and so on. The current domestic environmental protection non-toxic plasticizer production is facing two major problems, it is a by-product of many, yield is not high; the second is low yield, high cost, good product such as citric acid esters, because catalysts used price is high and the plasticizing agent cost is quite high. Also some enterprises despite producing the citric acid ester plasticizer, but because they do not attach importance to the marketing of products, users do not know anything about the product, still choose cheap, familiar with the increase of plastic products. Due to speed up the elimination of toxic plasticizing agent and development promotion of new non-toxic plasticizer has become a kind of inevitable trend, domestic production enterprises to make great effort to study new catalytic and separation process, as soon as the more cost-effective and more reliable safety, for a new generation of environmentally friendly increasing plasticizer products onto the market.
   In the first of all, the plasticizer has good compatibility with the resin, and the compatibility is better, and its effect is better. The addition of plasticizer can reduce the temperature of the glass transition, make the rigid and rigid plastic soft and flexible. In general but also for plasticizing agent colorless, non-toxic, no odor, light, heat and cold, volatile and migration of small, non flammable and good chemical stability, cheap and easy to obtain. In fact, a kind of plasticizer can not meet all the above requirements, which need to be chosen, with the use of, in order to achieve satisfactory results.
   Xuan tomorrow Zibo Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in September 2009, the registered capital of 10 million, enterprises located in Zibo Gaoqing County Economic Development Zone, east ring on the west side, company's existing professional and technical personnel 18 people with advanced testing, analysis, testing equipment, has a complete professional, high technical quality of the production team, is a quality the best professional environmental plasticizing agent production enterprises.
   Company has now developed into the most varieties, the best quality, the market is the most widely covered by the environmental protection plasticizer production enterprises. Is the production of DOTP.DOA.DOT.TOTM.DINCH and other environmentally friendly plasticizer products, all through the SGS testing, in line with the EU and the United states. Annual output of nearly fifty thousand tons, the product basically covered all varieties of PVC soft products, can provide customers with the most comprehensive quality of choice. The company has achieved 7 innovative patents, 3 patents, including 2 new environmentally friendly plasticizer to fill the gaps in the domestic market. The company has the marketing network all over the country each city, many kinds of environmental protection plasticizer export abroad, is China's most complete environmental protection plasticizer specialized production base.
   The company has perfect quality assurance system, has the most advanced product testing equipment, product qualification rate of 100%. I hope that all the guests to visit our factory visit guidance!