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Zibo Xuan Yi Chemical Co. Ltd. lead plasticizer healthy development

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   Xuan tomorrow Zibo Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in September 2009, the registered capital of 10 million, enterprises located in Zibo Gaoqing County Economic Development Zone, east ring on the west side, company's existing professional and technical personnel 18 people with advanced testing, analysis, testing equipment, has a complete professional, high technical quality of the production team, is a quality the best professional environmental plasticizing agent production enterprises.
   Company has now developed into the most varieties, the best quality, the market is the most widely covered by the environmental protection plasticizer production enterprises. Is the production of DOTP.DOA.DOT.TOTM.DINCH and other environmentally friendly plasticizer products, all through the SGS testing, in line with the EU and the United states. Annual output of nearly fifty thousand tons, the product basically covered all varieties of PVC soft products, can provide customers with the most comprehensive quality of choice. The company has achieved 7 innovative patents, 3 patents, including 2 new environmentally friendly plasticizer to fill the gaps in the domestic market. The company has the marketing network all over the country each city, many kinds of environmental protection plasticizer export abroad, is China's most complete environmental protection plasticizer specialized production base.
   The company has perfect quality assurance system, has the most advanced product testing equipment, product qualification rate of 100%. I hope that all the guests to visit our factory visit guidance!